Why Mice & Rats Are a Threat To You Or Your Family


The Damage That Rats & Other Rodents Can Cause To Your Home

The Damage That Rats & Other Rodents Can Cause To Your NJ HomeYou notice some mice or rat droppings in your kitchen or another room. There may be some noisy scuffling on the floor or in the walls in the middle of the night. Just some unwanted guests in your home, right? Not much to worry about, right? Wrong.

The damage that rats and other rodents can cause to your home can be almost incalculable. You might also find yourself paying high medical bills, too if you are not cautious or are unlucky. Read on to learn what they can do and then consider calling your local New Jersey pest control.

Salmonella & Other Life-Threatening Diseases That Rats Might Carry

One reason that you do not want rats in your home for any extended period of time is that they can carry diseases. They were the ones that carried the bubonic plague, after all. Nowadays, rats can be carriers of anything from salmonella to hantavirus, which can be deadly. You don’t have to just worry about getting sick from handling their droppings without gloves. No, there is also the concern about breathing in dust that also has traces of their urine or feces. That can cause respiratory issues.

So be very aware of what is like in your home. If it is dusty, wear a mask when cleaning or vacuuming in dusty areas. Wear gloves if you see droppings that you need to get rid of. Try to keep your home as clean as possible and don’t leave things out that might attract rats, like food. But sometimes, they may migrate over if there is construction work being done nearby. You do your best, but if there is an infestation, then you will need professional help that extends beyond just laying out some traps.

Mice Are Able To Chew Electrical Wiring

This is an especially dangerous situation if you have a lot of electrical wiring. This can then lead to electrical fires due to surges of power to certain electronics. The exposed wiring can then emit sparks, which can cause the walls to catch on fire. You can look into getting certain types of covers for these wires that rodent’s can’t chew through. It might cost money, but you want to keep your home safe.

Rodents Can Damage Your Walls & Furniture

You don’t have to just worry about your electronics. They can also do a lot of damage to your sofa and other pieces of furniture. They gnaw on EVERYTHING. If they think it can help line their nests, they are going to chew on it. That includes stuffing in sofas, newspapers, and books. It’d be cute how resourceful they are if it wasn’t your stuff. The last thing you want to have happen is for the structural integrity of your home to be compromised. It’s not just termites that can do that. Mice and rats are more than capable of wreaking havoc on their own.

Your Food & Water Might Be Contaminated By Rats

The Damage That Rats & Other Rodents Can Cause To Your NJ HomeThis is especially bad if you live in a more rural area where things like grain are stored. The last thing you want are rats in that supply, spreading their germs over food that you might touch. You also need to be diligent when going to supermarkets and inspecting the containers and bags that you are buying. If you are getting soda that is stored on the shelves, especially cans, you need to wash those before drinking from them.

It’s important that you move swiftly the second that you know that you have rodents in your home. When you see one, chances are almost 100% that there are many others lurking in your walls or nearby. Getting rid of them is a top priority – this is not a situation where you want to just coexist with them. By being proactive and contacting a New Jersey pest control center, you can ensure your family’s safety and also keep your home from possible catastrophic damage due to a wiring fire or something.

Keep Mice & Rats From Multiplying By Contacting New Jersey’s Leading Rat Exterminators

You can keep mice and rats from multiplying by contacting New Jersey’s leading rat exterminators. Terminator Termite and Pest Management’s knowledgeable workers will inspect your home and tell you their plan to get rid of these rodents once and for all. They service many areas of New Jersey – call them today at 732-544-9144 or 732-889-5675 to make an appointment.


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