How Do I Know If I Have Termites Or Ants?

To the average person, carpenter ants and termites look very similar. Both are about the same size and oblong, have four wings, swarm in the springtime, and are notorious for the damages they cause to the wood in homes, offices, and other buildings.

For homes infested with carpenter ants or termites, New Jersey pest removal provides a crucial service. To prevent severe damage of property and risk to human life, it’s imperative that the infestation is removed and that the risk of future infestations is mitigated as well. Since different measures and techniques are used for termites vs. carpenter ants, the first step is identifying which type of pest you are dealing with.

A Guide To Properly Identify Whether It’s Termites Or Carpenter Ants

Despite their similar size, shape, and number of wings, there are several other differences between termites and carpenter ants that can help you identify your need for New Jersey exterminators and determine which type of pest is infesting your home.

One of the most easily identified features of a carpenter ant is that its body is made up of three segmented parts with a narrow waist. Its antennae are also segmented, with a distinct elbow-like curve. Carpenter ants are reddish to dark colored with large forewings and smaller hind wings.

Termites have a broader waist and a non-segmented body. Its antennae are straight rather than bent. Termites are transparent, very light, or even white, and are distinct from ants in that they have two sets of wings that are the same size.

Detecting & Treating Termite Nests

Another way to confirm your identification of carpenter ants or termites is to take a look at their nests. Both types of insects build their nests in similar locations, which commonly include chimneys, damaged doors and window frames, underneath sinks, and inside crawl spaces.

Termites cause tremendous damage by silently eating through wood, flooring, and even wallpaper in order to make their nests. They create tunnels throughout your home, filling them with layers of mud and soil. If you see mud tubes between layers of wood or outside of your home’s walls, it’s a sure indication of a termite infestation. Call New Jersey termite control immediately!

Carpenter Ants Can Cause Severe Structural Damage

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. Instead, they dig tunnels through wood walls and flooring to build their nests and store food. A carpenter ant infestation causes dangerous and expensive structural damage to your home and needs urgent attention from a New Jersey pest control company. If you have a carpenter ant problem, you’ll commonly see moist wood shavings on the floor or pushed into cracks. You’ll need to identify the cause of the moist wood as well as deal with the ants themselves.

Pest Control Measures For Carpenter Ants & Termites

Despite their similarities, carpenter ants and termites behave, nest, feed, and look different. This means they will need different types of New Jersey pest control methods. Carpenter ants are controlled by killing the ants, eliminating feed sources, and drying out any areas of wet wood in your home. However, termite control requires even more multifaceted intervention to stop the infestation by using chemicals to kill the insects, preventing future invasions, and repairing the structural damage they cause.

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