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Have ants become unwelcome guests in your home? Contact Terminator Termite & Pest Management Inc for professional extermination services. Since 1988, our technicians have been providing winning solutions to the residents of Central and Southern New Jersey when it comes to pest control and management.

Common Ants in New Jersey

Ants are highly social creatures. They exist in colonies that require a high level of moisture to survive. They’ll travel far from the colony to fulfill this need.
While many different varieties are found in New Jersey, the pavement ant is most likely to invade your home. They’re typically found in foundation walls and concrete slabs.

The yellow ant is another variety found in our state. It can be confused with termites, but the yellow ant doesn’t harm buildings.
Lined acrobatic ants seek damp wood and often nest beneath windowsills or roof gutters. The thief ant and pharaoh ant feed on meat and other foods rich in protein. The little black ant nests in sandy soil, but forage for food in homes

Infestation Identification and Treatment

Infestation Identification and Treatment

The first step to solve the situation is proper identification of the ant colony. Once that’s done, we’ll provide safe home and yard insect control services.

Act Against Ant Aggression

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