Bee and Wasp Control

If your home and property have become a haven for wasps and bees, it’s natural to be concerned about the health of your family and guests. Bee populations reach maximum numbers during midsummer. Do-it-yourself products are simply short-term solutions.

If you have an infestation, contact Terminator Termite & Pest Management Inc. We have efficient and proven methods to get rid of the problems.

All About Bees

Honeybees and bumblebees provide benefits like honey and wax production and plant and crop pollination. They become pests when nesting in the walls of homes and business. Hive populations can contain up to 80,000 bees. Their stings can cause allergic reactions in humans and animals alike. In huge numbers, the results can be fatal to those who are allergic.

Carpenter bees are solitary creatures that nest in wood – including trees, fences, posts, rafters, siding, gutters, and house beams. Their presence leads to structural damage due to nesting, chewing, and drilling wood.

Bee and Wasp Control

The Wily Wasp

The most common wasp is the yellow jacket. A major benefit of yellow jackets is that they eat other insects considered to be pests. A colony’s nest population can consist of 300 to 100,000 cells in underground cavities, attics, shrubbery, or house eaves. These aggressive insects will sting repeatedly when defending their nest
The professionals can deal with yellow jackets. Proper nest destruction is necessary, and we have the tools and knowledge to do so.

Efficient Bee and Wasp Solutions

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    “Hi, I would like to say THANK YOU for having such nice and helpful employees. The tech came to my house, found two wasp nests, and got rid of my pest problem.

    He also explained how to do preventive maintenance. I explained I was out on disability leave and could not take do the maintenance at this time. He made a phone call to his boss, worked out a very reasonable payment plan for me. I am very happy!

    The wasps don’t have a chance of coming back, and I am covered if they try.”
    – Lorraine, Bayville, NJ, customer feedback

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