Safety Is Our Priority

Do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control products can be ineffective and come with hazards that homeowners may not be prepared to face.

Terminator Termite & Pest Management Inc is a full-service pest control business that’s certified and licensed in multiple areas. Contact us for assistance today.

Ongoing Training and Adherence to Regulations

We tackle issues involving wood-destroying insects, stinging insects, rodents, occasional invaders, bedbugs, and wildlife. Our professional affiliations include Better Business Bureau accreditation and an A+ rating for service performance.

Our staff members have the capabilities to perform thorough inspections, make careful applications of registered materials, and more.

We take our job very seriously. Safety is at the center of everything we do. This extends to our staff, our community, our clients, and our client’s children, pets, and homes. Last but not least, the safety of the environment is very important to us.

Team members participate in ongoing training that addresses all aspects of pest control, repair work, and more. Safety training is incorporated into all training programs. Our trained technical staff dedicates countless hours to on- and off-site safety training.

We adhere to New Jersey state laws and federal regulations. In accordance with federal law, we follow the labels of all pest control materials we use. The proper application of pest control material, safety protective equipment, container disposal, equipment maintenance, and calibration are vital to keeping your family safe when we service your home. We rely on the latest technology and modern equipment, too.

Material data safety sheets and product labels are available upon request.

Ongoing Training and Adherence to Regulations
DIY and Safety Information

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