Local Bedbug Treatment Experts

Bedbugs pose a very real public health problem. The staff at Terminator Termite & Pest Management Inc is the local bedbug control experts. These pesky bloodsucking insects don’t spread infectious diseases, but they do affect victims in terms of lost sleep, itching, and even infection from too much scratching.
The most effective products for bedbug control are restricted for use by licensed and trained professionals only. Contact us today for bedbug control services. Get 10% OFF any one-time service!

Signs of the Presence of Bedbugs

  • Cast-off exoskeletons
  • Rusty red spots on bedding from their waste
  • A sweet musty odor
Bedbug Control

Course of Action to Address Bedbugs

If you rent, report the problem to your landlord.

Contact us if you are a homeowner.

Local Bedbug Treatment Experts

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