Get Rid of Cockroaches Infesting Your Life

Often, just hearing the word “roaches” makes your skin crawl. Unfortunately, they are widespread pests that can be challenging to eradicate. It’s critical to eliminate roaches as soon as possible if you discover them in your home in the attic, bathroom, kitchen cabinets, or at work.

In addition, among the most prevalent pests that infest homes and workplaces are cockroaches. They are especially problematic when food is cooked at home or in a restaurant, and cleanliness is poor.

Most people find cockroaches disgusting and unpleasant just by their mere existence. They leave behind an unpleasant smell and have the potential to contaminate food, kitchenware, and other household objects.

Cockroaches can spread harmful microorganisms that lead to food poisoning and other illnesses because they move freely between filth and food. Additionally, cockroach skin sheds and excrement are allergens for many people.

You may get rid of your cockroach problem and prevent a further infestation after reading this post till the end.

Cockroach Infestations and How to Prevent Them

Cockroaches are resilient insects living in various environments and inventive at getting inside structures. Denying cockroaches easy access to food, water, and shelter—the three most likely to get them into your home or place of business—is the most efficient strategy to avoid them.

Terminator Termite & Pest Management is your neighborhood authority on pest management, and we understand what cockroaches are drawn to. Use these preventative measures to keep cockroach infestations at bay on your property.

Determine Entry Points

Controlling cockroach infestations starts with the inspection. The inspection should ideally be done at night since cockroaches are nocturnal insects. Get a torch and look for indications of their presence as described above.

To eliminate potential entry points for cockroaches, you should check cracks, fissures, and gaps created around utility wires or pipes. To seal those access spots, you could use silicone-based caulk.

Store Food in Sealed Containers

Many food items are housed in cardboard and thin plastic, which cockroaches can chew. Food should be moved into solid, sealed containers if you suspect a roach infestation.

All products in thin packaging, including cereal, flour, and chocolate chips, are vulnerable. Food should be kept in its original packaging in big, plastic solid bins for quick and straightforward protection on a broad scale.

Declutter your Home

Cleanliness in the home is hampered by clutter. Even with the best intentions, cleaning non-essential regions around and around non-essential goods, especially in the kitchen, may prove difficult.

Create storage areas for small appliances and other items that clutter the countertops where food is prepared to simplify your environment. Donate the stuff you seldom use, and you’ll appreciate how much easier cleaning is without having to move them about.

Reduce Food and Water Sources

Cockroaches need food, water, and a place to live to survive. Removing all potential entry points is the easiest way to keep them from entering your property.

We must remember to clean away any stains, oil, or food debris as these are essential additional food sources. Additionally, some humid places, such as those found beneath kitchen sinks or refrigerators, may serve as cockroach hatching sites. Therefore, remember to inspect, clean, and ventilate these locations to avoid a cockroach infestation.

Problems with Cockroach Infestations and Possible Solutions

Cockroaches can spread harmful microorganisms that lead to food poisoning and other ailments because they move freely between filth and food.

Additionally, cockroach skin sheds and excrement are allergens for many people. In addition to congested breathing, sneezing, and watery eyes, cockroach-produced allergens can also lead to asthma, a potentially fatal condition marked by persistent coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing.

Children who live in highly crowded housing situations where cockroach infestations are frequently severe are more likely to have asthma caused by cockroaches.

Use Baking Soda

One of the quickest and simplest ways to get rid of roaches is baking soda, which you probably already have in your cupboard. Dice a few onions, then add baking soda to create a homemade roach bait.

Put this food in a small dish and place it in areas where roach activity has been noted. Baking soda produces gases in the roaches’ stomachs when they ingest it, which causes the roaches’ stomachs to explode.

Set Bait Stations

Cockroaches are nearly instantaneously killed by what? Baiting stations. These bait stations typically come in a long tube and can be positioned wherever you’ve seen roach activity.

Roaches are drawn to the bait by its fragrance and consume the poison. The other roaches will consume the dead cockroach when it returns to its nest and dies, dispersing the poison throughout the colony.

Use Sprays

Target the locations where cockroaches like to hide while utilizing sprays. As was previously noted, this will differ depending on the species. Spray any fecal stains or aggregations immediately.

Since cockroaches spend very little time on walls, floors, baseboards, and countertops, it is best to avoid spraying these surfaces (If any roaches pass through these places, it is doubtful they will stay on treated surfaces long enough to take in a lethal amount).

Use a Liquid Concentrate

Contact Terminator Termite & Pest Management to get a liquid roach deterrent concentration. This potent liquid is intended to be diluted and sprayed into roaches’ favorite hiding places, cracks, and crevices.

You can also add a small amount of the concentrate to a mop bucket and use that solution to mop your floors if you require a more comprehensive solution. Roaches won’t return if you choose this option because it will keep them away overnight.

Possible Health Risks Associated with Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches can spread bacteria, but there is little evidence connecting them to specific disease outbreaks.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cockroaches carry intestinal diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever. If the bacteria carried by cockroaches are deposited on food, it can cause staphylococcus, salmonella, and streptococcus.

Cockroaches are known to consume various foods, including decaying waste, and are thought to transmit several diseases to people, including salmonella and gastroenteritis. Cockroaches have been linked to allergies, according to recent studies.

How Can a Cockroach Infestation Damage Your Business?

Once clients become aware of a cockroach problem, your reputation suffers. Cockroach issues in regulated workplaces can result in subpar or failed inspection results, patient safety issues, and deducted points on audits.

Since they can eat almost any food source, cockroaches can contaminate food supplies and other products. Cockroaches excel at hide-and-seek, as was previously mentioned. Therefore it is not surprising that they can wriggle their way inside supplies or shipments that have been delivered.

Damage to Reputation

Damage to your property is one thing, but damage to your company’s reputation is quite another. The former involves having your property fixed, while the latter might be challenging to restore after being harmed.

Keep in mind that word-of-mouth and social media are both effective ways for people to share the news. For instance, if a customer discovers a dead cockroach in their soup, word of the occurrence could spread quickly, making it challenging to contain the situation on your end.

Damage to Property and Produce

You wouldn’t want pests to harm your property’s structure and individual parts in addition to endangering the health of your workers and consumers.

Rats and mice, for instance, may chew through metal, concrete, wood, and even electrical equipment. However, ants can ruin your wooden home and other cellulose-based products. In the long term, even something seemingly harmless like birds building nests on your roof can damage.

Key Takeaway!

Cockroaches are only one of the numerous insects and pests that could harm your home or workplace. Terminator Termite & Pest Management can assist you in keeping away all of those other unwelcome pests when you decide to keep cockroaches out.

Contact us today for a personalized quote for your specific roach problem and let our professionals handle the rest for you. Request a free inspection by filling out the form on the website and avail of any one-time service discount of 10% off.

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